1. Things I've made

    EPSA, I designed and implemented a monitoring system for a race car with Arduino in C,

    CityByGlass, an Android application on Google Glasses like to do tourism with augmented reality,

    GaragePlus, a PHP and SQL written website used to manage a garage,

    TwitterSoft, a Java application to chat using Twitter way,

    You can find more on my Github

  2. Places I worked in

    Internship (6 months) then employment as a software developer in Cybelangel, a cybersecurity French start-up.

    Internship in robotics in Kawasaki in Japan (3 months).

  3. My cursus

    I am graduated from the Ecole Centrale de Lyon, as a software engineer.

    I achieved French "Classes preparatoires" in mathematics and physics (MPSI) in Champollion.

  4. Technologies I master

    Programming language: Python, Java, PHP, C

    Database management system: MongoDB, Cassandra, MySQL, ElasticSearch

    Operating systems: Linux (Debian, Arch), Windows

    Others: Redis, RabbitMQ, Kibana

  5. Things I love

    Computers: programming, Linux, Raspberry Pi

    Mountain sports: trails, running, ski